Ceramic Paint

Everything you want to know about Ceramic Paint

What kind of ceramic paint were you looking for?

We have glazes, underglazes, and non-fired paints.

Two firing ranges Cone 06 1820F
and Cone 5-6 2250F.

Cone 06 Low fire 1820f

Shop Here for 10% off on  Duncan or Mayco paint brand paints, glazes, tools and brushes.


Cone 6 Glazes most 10% offShino Cone 6 glaze from Coyote.

Move to Cone 6 firing for better durability than earthenware and energy savings over cone 10.

Moroccan Sand in pints and dry, Mystics, Crackles, Crystals.

Spectrum Glazes from Canada, many bright colors that will surprise you.

Coyote,  Cone 5 glazes ! Available in Pints, Gallons and DRY

Amaco Cone 6 Glazes  Potters Choice, Arroya's and the Amaco Velvets Underglazes and Designer Velvets

Duncan new glazes for cone 6 the Rennesance glazes!

Mayco's Stoneware glazes the SW's

Duncan Artisan 06 glazes

Achieve the look of mid-range glazes with new low-fire Duncan Artisan Glazes, a line that replicates cone 5-6 fired colors with just a cone 06 fire. Duncan® Artisan Glazes™ are the untimidating choice for artists and potters who want to layer glazes on bisque created from low-fire clay bodies. Trust Duncan® Artisan Glazes™ to provide the luscious colorations of mid-range glazes in a fearless low-fire glaze application.

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